The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • symbolizes emotional relations on the instinctual level.
  • car pulling into a garage: direct representation of intercourse or dreamer's sexual relationship.
  • pulling out of a garage: the possibility of a sexually tinged relationship.
  • cleaning: very positive since the dreamer is putting his sexual relations in order.
  • worms in a garage: decomposing process in the dreamer's sexual relations and also the certainty that a new, usually emotional relationship will arise from this process.
  • wrecked car in a garage: an approaching conflict in a sexual relationship with the possibility of ending this relationship.
  • someone else's car in your garage: a third party has entered the dreamer's sexual relationship.
  • woman by a garage: almost always the instinctual anima.
  • construction of a garage: a negative image that strengthens emotional relations on the instinctual level.
  • reconstruction of a garage into a residence: a very positive symbol since a new state of being is coming instead of the instinctual life.
  • underground garage: instinctual dependencies, until now had been concealed from waking consciousness, arise through dreams into the mind so that the dreamer can process them, understand them and definitively assimilate them in compassionate acts.
  • a trial taking place in a garage: as soon as the dreamer definitively parts with instinctual content of his own mind, he is harshly condemned by the instinctual components; later the dreamer compassionately recognizes cruel sexual dependencies in others (and in himself in the past).