The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • an unconventional way of briefly expressing the inner state of the dreamer's psyche and therefore often concerns the Numinosum*35 and Self archetypes; see Numinosum archetype and see Self archetype.
  • inner comprehension of geometry: an understanding beyond the intuitive comprehension of arithmetic and numerical relations.
  • geometric shapes in the sky: attest to a spontaneously achieved spiritual level (in depersonalization or in meditation) and frequently occur in dreams with alien civilizations (see UFO – Initiation Ceremonies archetype).
  • pictograms on the Earth's surface (usually in corn fields): the mere view of an unconscious numinous symbol*36, which a pictogram is, moves a person closer to knowledge so that (even without a complete understanding of the view) he understands in the pictograms Indian symbols of unity, forgotten Celtic or Teutonic symbols or symbols of Eastern nations (see Numinosum archetype).
  • trees growing in geometric shapes, or trees growing in precise rows: the dreamer's strong will has the power to engrave order even in the mind's unconscious instinctual content.
  • geometric shapes: the most frequent shapes in dreams include the square and circle, and less frequently the triangle, pentagon, hexagon (Star of David) and heptagon (ideogram of Emerald Tablets); if we add another dimension, then we "elevate" the triangle to a pyramid, the square to a cube, and the circle to a sphere; see the various geometric shapes in the individual symbols.