The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • elevates the symbol of the map toward unity and completeness, toward the miracle of existence, in which greed, fear, subordination and superiority are lost; yet above the globe is an even higher symbol – the celestial map.
  • a reminder that we have received life in order to create, rejoice and celebrate; the time has come for the dreamer to communicate with others, to understand shared emotions and the spiritual wealth of humanity.
  • watching the Earth from the Moon's surface: a view from the emotional level (Moon) to the instinctual level (Earth).
  • a tree with roots growing around the Earth and branches reaching to the sky: a tree of the world that symbolizes a person's possible rise from the earthly level (material realm) to the exclusive heights of the Spirit.
  • the earth's surface: in the unconscious an image of the spiritual journey in which valleys (lowlands) are full of vegetation, an enormous number of animals (instincts) and rich relations to nature and to people (emotions); yet as the altitude increases, the diversity and amount of flora and fauna decrease so that in the great mountains all instinctual forces (animals, plants) and emotions (relations) lose their power over the dreamer and only snow and ice (spiritual principles) reign.
  • movement of the Earth's magnetic field, a magnetic storm: a major life change awaits the dreamer.
  • an astronaut returning to Earth: the return of a person filled with spiritual consciousness back to everyday life in which, with a transformed consciousness, he will have to encounter emotions and instincts and find the right spiritual approach to them.