The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the dreamer's: symbolizes the ability to view past lives (play records); this symbol is intensified if the dreamer's name is written on the record.
  • gramophone record: represents life and the spiral that the gramophone's needle follows when a record is played is synonymous with the time on earth of a single life and also symbolizes the path winding to an implicate order*37.
  • the beginning of the record (outer circles) symbolizes youth; the end of the record (inner circles) symbolizes old age and death as a transition to another life (another record).
  • for continuous mental and spiritual development it is better not to concern yourself with gramophone records and to switch off the gramophone; even though visions of past lives can be interesting; in terms of the necessary forward progress, any figure from a past life is merely a mask of the personality that the dreamer could don in his foolishness (see the Treasure archetype on the dangerous mask of the personality).