The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Armed forces

  • of your own country: even memories of armed forces have another meaning and reason why they are appearing in dreams; it's usually an incentive for inner discipline or for finding the courage before an important step in life.
  • allied: this often indicates weaknesses in behavior and thinking (e.g. pride, lack of humility), but also yields an important helper in positive qualities (e.g. will, perseverance).
  • occupying forces: it's time to abandon past thinking and to set out with a new awareness on the adventurous path through the unconscious; it usually tries to make the dreamer's stay in a certain area unpleasant, or even tries to expel him from there, thus fulfilling the essence of the Apocalypse archetype.
  • dream images of armed forces can also belong to Past and Future Visions (see archetype of Past and Future Visions).