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The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

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The vast majority of current dream books (with appealing titles such as The Great Dream Book, The Royal Dream Book, The Nostradamus Dream Book and the likes) and dream interpretations are based on a simplified view of the symbol – usually from the instinctive and sometimes from the emotional level of consciousness. Yet if we want to know the true essence of dream communication, we must work with the unconscious content of our minds and actively engage the contents of dreams. The objective of The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge is to assist all interested in the true meaning of their dreams.


If, for instance, you have a nightmare, it need not possess negative meaning. Sometimes we’ll dream of frightening atomic explosions or chemical wars, gigantic storms, apocalyptic catastrophes or scenes of a dismal future. All we need to do is to comprehend their essence, and the fear will vanish to be replaced by understanding and compassion. Interpretations of dreams based on the Dream Book of Self-Knowledge will guide us to understanding ourselves, helping us on our spiritual journey or path through life.

The STORY of the Dream Book of self-knowledge – my story

Sometime around 1992 I consciously began my spiritual journey. During meditation, my inner voice told me to write down my dreams and to try to examine these dreams. I soon realized that the simple way promoted by most dream books or lexicons of symbols does not work. I realized that horoscopes do not work for me and that the only way was through patient and hard work on understanding my own acts, feelings, and thoughts and by making them healthy.

More than ten thousand dreams helped me to map the unconscious, which can serve as a everyone’s guide to a deeper understanding of themselves. Around 2001 the book Secrets of the Order of the Unconscious was released. I published this book on the Internet and many readers gave it a very high assessment,writing me about their dreams and requesting interpretations. I therefore began to create the Dream Book of Self-Knowledge, which grew to include over eight hundred pages and 6,000 symbols. This dream book was published in 2004 with additional symbols later added.

When I look back on that period I realize that it wasn’t easy, but from the readers’ reactions the books helps thousands of people on their journey through life. I would like to thank these people, for they are expanding the horizons of understanding the unconscious processes, thereby multiplying and emitting positive thoughts out into the world. The time will come when self-knowledge will be a standard process of the human population instead of the current haste for money and power. You are cordially welcome to join us in our adventure. I’d also like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on taking the first step – considering a change.


Through the process of internalization and self-understanding in dreams, archetypal images gradually appear (see the map of the unconscious with a breakdown of the various archetypes below). The path through the various archetypes is described in detail with examples in the book Secrets of the Order of the Unconscious.

The Dream Book is based on the historical legacy of numerous psychologists from around the world (Carl Gustav Jung, Sigmund Freud, Stanislav Grof, John Weir Perry) and the ancient history of dream interpretations (Persian, Egyptian, Greek) and mythologies (Egyptian, Greek, Scandinavian, Celtic, Slavic, Japanese, American, African, Australian). The Czech National Library acknowledged the quality of The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge and Secrets of the Order of the Unconscious in its decision to archive the works as cultural heritage for future generations.

The shop section includes the book s How to Interpret Dreams and Questions and Answers from the same author. These books help us understand interpretations of dreams from both a male and female perspective and provide spiritual insight into many areas of the life and spiritual journey.

For the symbolic price of 2,99 EUR per year you can have access to both language version. The Dream Book of Self-knowledge is in full-text, searchable format. Simply start typing in the search box and the meanings of the various symbols are quickly and easily found.

Map of the unconscious