The Persona Archetype

    The archetype of the Persona belongs to the Circle of the Clash with the Unconscious. Persona is a human personality that almost everyone is constantly trying to construct in waking consciousness and then usually unsuccessfully in dreams toward an image of "perfection." The conscious outer face is projected as a social mask into dream symbolism. It identifies one's own personality with the body, feelings and thoughts, and is unable to see through the veil in front of the noble face of truth, a veil created by this very primal dependence, from which other dependencies draw their strength in subjugating the still divine self. Accepting the false view that one is an autonomous and independent personality has become a fateful error that has kept nearly all of humanity from living in universal truth. Today's civilization overvalues the personality and considers it to be the basis of society, the basis of the "cultural-spiritual" dimension of civilization. What will happen to the structure called human civilization that is based on a mostly illusory foundation? Only by changing the inadequate foundation, which we will patiently rebuild brick by brick (realm by realm), can we prevent demise and destruction. This rebuilt foundation must no longer be based on either an illusory personality or, for that matter, egoism. The path through the archetypes has shown me how harmful it is to construct the personality by increasing the egoistic potential. An apt parable comes to mind: Imagine a person as a tree. Like the tree, the person must grow so that in understanding (the tree in its blossom) and then in realization (the tree in its fruit) the apex of one's existence is found. A blossom cannot be achieved without growth; a fruit cannot be achieved without a blossom. An individual's personality can and even must be built, but only for the fruit, not so that the tree's crown reaches high in the sky.  An individual who does not know the strength of his own personality does not even have the strength to begin to suppress this personality.

    The Persona archetype is clearly the most frequent archetype occurring in people's dreams! It builds the personality, recollects the past and prepares the future. In the Persona archetype, our personality is projected into our dreams in which it mainly performs our current occupation, evokes present relations and cultivates our current interests.  It also often returns to our past occupations, past relations and past interests, so that individuality draws experience from them for the next steps and so that unclear and unresolved cases that we once hastily put "on ice" are dealt with. If a person lives a human life, he has many of these "deferred cases" and burdens his own inner spirit with grim dead wood that he will someday have to painstakingly rid himself of. Instead of a radical solution for their difficult inner situation, many of these people suppress their burdensome dreams, and the harsh truth of their own inabilities that emerge in these dreams, in an alcoholic haze of wild evenings, in sex, in physical overexertion (work or sports), in mental exhaustion from endless stress in the quest for higher "profits," in watching inane television series and other activities in which the person is an extrovert.

    The Persona archetype forms a communicating vessel with the archetype of Individuality, distinctly influencing each other. Everyone should strive for the archetype of the Persona to gradually shed the pendants of personality and for it to slowly give way to the archetype of Individuality. If one wishes to accelerate the transition from personality to genuine individuality and thus the transition from the Persona archetype to that of Individuality, the best way is through any kind of internalization. By replacing the archetype of the Persona, he will naturally be far richer: In addition to the Individuality archetype, another 15 archetypes of inner circles of the unconscious will be added to it.

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