The Apocalypse Archetype

    The Apocalypse archetype is triggered by a gradual change of world (materialistic) view and an inner dissatisfaction with one's own position in the concept of the material world. Yet it is not that easy to repress the old from the subconscious. If it is merely pushed into the background, it does not free space for a new outlook and will be able to continue to influence the individual's thinking from the background through his rigid views. The unconscious must once and for all resolve this cardinal problem through complete annihilation. The individual abandons the annihilated, devastated and contaminated "territory" of his own mind and then begins to push a new view and new experiences from the unconscious into this vacant place freed of useless trash. There is no clash between the old and the new, since the old does not have the chance. After the horrors of the war, the nuclear blasts and chemical contamination, everything to do with the former battered personality is definitively removed from the life scenario and does not have a chance to be compared with the new elements in the consciousness. Why then is everything so drastic and shocking? The real reason is so that we do not go back to the previous life scenario that we were so dissatisfied with before. Through images of war, nuclear bombs, chemical warfare and later even a partial change in personality, the unconscious provides us with a great gift for a future blossoming, for guidance through powerful archetypes. After crossing the border zone between the destroyed old world and the new, still undiscovered world, we find the closest possible worlds. One sphere is the realm of death and of human spirits; the other belongs to therianthropes and animal spirits.

    The Apocalypse archetype strikingly coincides in many ways with the visions and dreams of many so-called schizophrenic and neurotic patients, whom the society of "normal people" forced into a position unacceptable for society, deeming their visions to be an illness simply because they did not understand their significance for the individual and for society. Present-day psychology (except for a few noble exceptions) tries to halt and suppress the visions and dreams of the Apocalypse archetype in its patients, anxiously fearing the breakthrough of the unconscious to conscious processes and, judging from the perspective of their "normality," classifying this inevitable process as pathological phenomena. 

Content of the Apocalypse Archetype:

  1. Nuclear war, total war, necessity of going underground, occupation, concentration camps
  2. Chemical warfare, conditions after chemical contamination, ecological catastrophes
  3. Realm of the spirits of the dead
  4. Realm of therianthropes and of animal spirits

Scheme of the Apocalypse Archetype:

  1. Destruction of the old world, apocalyptic visions
  2. Escape from the devastated world
  3. Border between the old destroyed world and new unknown one
  4. Voluntary abandonment of the border area
  5. An example of the conscious and unconscious part
  6. Recognizing the path from the Apocalypse archetype and successful planning of changes.
  7. The apocalypse-destroyed personality begins to heal on a new foundation
  8. Realm of therianthropes and of animal spirits
  9. Realm of the spirits of the dead
  10. Returns to old destroyed world with increasing indifference

    The unconscious comes to the rescue; it hears the caller's voice and finds in the subconscious the past and no longer needed images of the once perfect world that so beautifully suited man living within the sensually experienced world. Like our best friend and mentor, the unconscious does what we inwardly ask it to do: It destroys what we now reject in our changed being. It does not suffice to take these old "pictures" away to the attic or cellar since they could come back in time and once again lead a person into never-ending confusion. These "pictures" must be destroyed, and this needs to be done with the speed and vigor with which we rejected accepting them as our own. The most effective means of mass destruction are nuclear or chemical weapons, and it is this very arsenal that appears in our dreams and visions to destroy the unwanted and create a space for the ideal world, even though we do not know how this should actually appear. A new phenomenon must enter the "vacuum" following the displaced "old world," just like air replaces the vacuum in a broken light bulb. Images of unsuspected worlds and beings thus come from surrounding and more remote realms (in frequency resolution). The unconscious will send us part of that which we have suppressed in the depths of our subconscious under the cover of physical toil for sensual pleasures. The realms of other worlds are not only around us, they are in us (law of Hermes Trismegistus:  "As within, so without!"), which is why we can consciously capture and recognize them in our dreams and visions, since they are part of us. The choice of images that we are able to draw from within depends only on our intellectual and inherent orientation. If we are oriented on the phenomena of death and spirits, it is inevitable that this realm will gravitate toward our inner urges. The archetype reaches deep into the mythology of human history, which is why animal spirits and therianthropes can emerge as spiritual guides. Let us then recall the shamans of indigenous people, about whom we once heard that their very link to these spirits ensured a contented existence on the material plain of the world for the entire community.

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