The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a symbol of the rise, fall and hope for an improvement of current living conditions in all levels of consciousness (instinctual, emotional, spiritual) and in various human activities (from work to entertainment and even regarding relations).
  • often resolves the matter of inferiority and superiority so that the dreamer in the role of the subordinate does not feel humiliated, and in the role of the superior does not act haughty toward someone.
  • events in an office turn conflictual so that the dreamer is prepared to resolve similar problems in waking consciousness.
  • real estate: the chance for considerable profit, but only with substantial investments or complete engagement.
  • cleaning: the dreamer is removing moral impurities and sometimes elevates the dream experience to the emotional level.
  • painting: an attempt at changing the mind's content – see the color in question.
  • the dreamer can rid himself of dependencies in an office; once he is able to successfully eliminate dependencies he can experience the wonderful phenomenon of the transformation of lower symbols into higher ones (usually instinctual into emotional).