The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • someone kneels before the dreamer: self-conceit and the desire for a superior position whether in an individual relationship (in which the kneeling people are family or friends) or in society (unknown kneelers).
  • before others: you are making a fool of yourself.
  • a woman kneeling before a man or man kneeling before a woman: this image usually expresses a yielding to antithetical instinctual personifications and only rarely to emotional personifications; even this symbol is later usually degraded to the instinctual level.
  • fear or pain of forcing a person to kneel (not in front of people): the unconscious is teaching the dreamer humility and thus letting him, even if only momentarily, "taste" freedom in an unshackled state and in forgetting the ego's permanent domination.
  • in a church or before other spiritual symbols: the dreamer is surrendering his ego and is thus finding the necessary humility, and therefore can find in depersonalization the best solution to a complex life situation.
  • the dreamer is kneeling while being insulted and humiliated by others: once the dreamer finds in this dream image the ability for perfect self-control and compassion for ignorant people who blindly hurt him, he can then directly proceed toward a mystical death*79 and rebirth.