The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • knees drawn up to chin (seen in others or yourself): significant help for the correct flow of vital energy in the body (for similar meaning see Curling up into a ball).
  • as an object of sexual interest: such sexual dream images reveal the dreamer's desires and hidden passions as well as his inner conflict on the instinctual level.
  • kneeling, dropping to knees: see Kneeling.
  • stiff, swollen, injured: stagnation that is caused by the dreamer's inflexible mind; a mental block and unwillingness to overcome obstacles.
  • knee pain: a mental block that needs to be quickly removed, otherwise unpleasant stagnation will occur.
  • crawling on knees: inner humility that protects the dreamer from pride.
  • seeing others' knees buckle: an opportunity for unexpected gain.
  • the dreamer's knees buckling: you are overestimating your strengths and abilities.