The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • bike: see Cycling or see Bike.
  • Ferris: see Carousel.
  • mill: see Millwheel.
  • wheels, rings, circular shapes: should lead the dreamer to an understanding of the principle of unity.
  • toothed as part of a gear or machinery: symbolizes the fates of individual people, fates that precisely fit together and are incorporated into the karmic wheel of reincarnation*75.
  • enlarging: the unconscious is showing the dreamer in this enlargement the subtlest signs so that he achieves knowledge.
  • wheels and circular shapes: often free the dreamer's mind from phallic symbols.
  • of a tricycle: represents an understanding of one of the aspects of the trinity*74.
  • as a central symbol of a dream image or sign: directs the dreamer's attention to the principles of unity.
  • setting the chain on a bicycle: the dreamer is actively entering into the process of paying off karmic debts, which is a foretelling of serious (often painful) events that can, as a result, significantly help the dreamer on the path to self-knowledge.
  • turning and still (often with images of everyday life): represents karma*26 and all factors that keep a being within the cycle of reincarnation (time, space, fate, antitheses); the path inward from the edge of the wheel, where dizziness often occurs due to the rotation speed, brings an understanding of symbols of gradual unification; the "timeless" point is located in the very center, where all ideas collapse, the breaking point, from which everything can be viewed only in absolute unity without antitheses.
  • moving in a circle voluntarily and by our own efforts: very positive since the dreamer is essentially drawn to and later even identifies with the symbol of the circle; yet this is not a time for rest since the dreamer should continue to try to subconsciously understand and then consciously cross the border of the phenomenal world.
  • for a similar symbol see Circle.