The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • one of the strongest phallic symbols.
  • a dance around a chimney: a celebration of one's sexuality and submission to instinctual content within oneself.
  • sticking or throwing things into a chimney: allegory of sexual intercourse.
  • smoke from a chimney: see Smoke.
  • cleaning soot from a chimney: the attempt to more effectively burn instinctual symbols and dependencies; if, in cleaning, the dreamer becomes dirty from the soot, then he clearly has not managed the most recent period of the self-improvement process, has morally erred and will bear the unfortunate consequences of a relationship that is emotionally edged.
  • factory chimney: a central element of an entire factory and shows that sexuality and sexual desire are emerging the most from the dreamer's traits.
  • crumbling, dilapidated: weakened power of the instincts over the dreamer's consciousness; the size of the crumbling chimney shows how large a part of sexuality the dreamer has consciously mastered.
  • we initially view work with inner pressures of our being in dreams of chimneys from outside, but once we are able to control desires arising from the subconscious, we begin to see chimneys from the inside.
  • blasting a factory chimney: an important victory of a person's will over subconscious sexual desire and a clear direction toward the higher levels of living (such a dream is the result of properly lived celibacy).