The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • seeing others smoking: this should not be a motivating factor for lighting up cigarettes, and smoking should certainly not be condemned in hatred since both these activities indicate a still strong dependency; this dependency also concerns non-smokers who hate smokers and smoking and thus try disdainfully to eradicate this trait*24 (addiction) from within.
  • seeing others smoke and not reflecting upon it: the dreamer is learning tolerance.
  • often accompanied by other dependencies and negative traits by which the unconscious shows the dreamer problems that he will have to rid himself of in his own interest and for peace of soul.
  • smoking in places where it is forbidden: the dreamer is seeking the courage to bear the consequences of his errors and also seeks the inner strength to fight this addiction.
  • concerns real individuals that are non-smokers in everyday life (e.g. the dreamer's father is a non-smoker and teetotaler, but smokes and drinks in a dream): the unconscious is using this image to degrade in the dream an idealized person as being responsible so that the dreamer can escape his influence and set out on his own path.
  • smoky room, cigarette smoke: symbolizes the imperfectly conducted transformation of the phallic symbol of the cigarette, and thus is a clear attribute of the instinctual level of living; see Smoke.
  • ventilating a smoky room: the dreamer is actively working to rid himself of his smoking addiction.
  • children smoking: represents the root of addiction and usually the image is accompanied by other dependencies, from which we can surmise those with which the smoking dependency is intertwined.
  • it is very surprising that sometimes emotional and even spiritual personifications smoke and do so because the dreamer has strengthened his tolerance of dependencies for the future ideal indifferent approach (i.e. he has definitely rid himself of dependencies); indifference to all images and consequences of smoking must be achieved to deal with the phenomenon of a smoking addiction since that is the only way to free ourselves from the snares of addiction.