The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • symbolizes the development of intuition*64 with a glimpse into the inner world, though a great disadvantage is the leading role of the ego.
  • in the negative sense, dream magical abilities may come with excessive enhancement of the anima, and dream magical abilities of a woman come with excessive enhancement of the animus.
  • being: qualities possessed by the dreamer signify the considerable threat of getting stuck in the Treasure archetype, since impure individuality received great power without attaining the appropriate moral and spiritual level (see Treasure archetype).
  • they can often be linked to archetypes of the Father and Mother (see Father – Mother archetype).
  • a magical knot that disappears when pulled: represents illusion and impermanence (especially in relation to problems).
  • magic has power over the instinctual, but has no power over emotions; emotions can even destroy magic, since magic and the ability of the active imagination belongs to the spiritual level and in descending to the emotional level we lose the ability to perform magical acts that now lie on a higher level; the similarity with many fairy tales is no coincidence (more on the role of magic in the unconscious and a person's magical abilities in the Active Imagination archetype).