The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • by the dreamer: a very negative act that moves the dreamer to one of the lowest instinctual levels.
  • a thief is the instinctual animus or instinctual anima.
  • clothes: a subconscious attempt to emphasize the part that is linked to the personification of a thief (e.g.: when the clothes thief is an artist, the dreamer is subconsciously trying to elevate his personality in the eyes of others through artistic ambitions).
  • being robbed: a person living an emotional life and seeking a spiritual life should welcome dream thieves since, in addition to the fact that they take from him unnecessary things and the attachment to them, they also give the dreamer the chance to rid himself of dependencies and pay karmic debts; moreover, dream theft has one invaluable advantage since by settling karmic debts and forgiving the dream thief it ensures that the dreamer will not have to repeat it in everyday waking consciousness in which theft does not necessarily have such a fleeting nature (see the chapter on the Psychology of the Dream); the dreamer should understand that he will have to atone for each of his transgressions precisely according to the fundamental laws of life and the words of Jesus Christ: "Pay your debts to the last penny."