The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the dreamer criticizing: criticism arises from the belief that the dreamer only knows what is right and he therefore is strengthening his pride and ego.
  • being criticized: the dreamer should realize that such criticism comes from the unconscious, which is his best friend and therefore all such criticism should be taken seriously and he should attempt to eliminate the criticized behavior.
  • once the dreamer realizes in heeding the criticism of others his own mistakes and the criticism ends, then he will continue toward peace and tranquility in his soul since this image brings attention from the external phenomenal world to within himself in focusing on his dependencies and other negative traits that he will be able to eliminate by understanding their essence.
  • an inner voice criticizing the dreamer: a very useful gift of the Wise Old Man archetype is the result of previous internalization and a prerequisite for the adventurous path through the archetypes of the inner circles of the unconscious (see the chapter of the Map of the Unconscious in the book Secrets of the Unconscious Order) all the way to realization*68.