The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • every crisis, including dream crises, should be welcome since this is an excellent way for a person to grow.
  • it mainly concerns the personality when it attacks the dreamer's "perfect" mask and if this contrived mask falls, there appears in complete clarity the true face of individuality with all its conflicting feelings; there suddenly appears intolerance, hatred, jealousy and other negative traits that are the true individuality; but a crisis entails the potential for healing since it reveals to a person the traits and particularly the dependencies that he should try to rid himself of (see Persona and Individuality archetypes).
  • oil crisis: the unconscious is using this image, which is almost always "borrowed" from the future (see Past and Future Visions archetype), to tell the dreamer something about passivity, i.e. about a lack of activity in self-improvement; see Oil.
  • Crisis team: a foretelling of painful natural catastrophes or great misfortune.