The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • like an amphibian it represents the dangerous content of the mind that emerges in the form of a crocodile into the waking consciousness, including dreams that are to be processed by the conscious mind.
  • once a person intensively and regularly processes subconscious impulses (usually dependencies) arising from the subconscious, dream crocodiles cannot in any way hurt the dreamer.
  • potential victims of crocodiles: these are dream personifications that the dreamer has already assimilated through a higher mind; the crocodile can then "clean up" the remnants of this assimilation (everything unneeded and abandoned) as part of the mind's hygiene and purity.
  • killing: a very negative dream since in doing so the dreamer ruptures the smooth yielding of the subconscious contents for conscious processing; consequently excessive pressure can build up from the unprocessed impulses within the dreamer's mind that threatens mental stability.
  • a crocodile's transparent body: the unconscious is giving the dreamer the chance to see in an allegory what he once abandoned.
  • once the dreamer processes the content of subconscious thoughts related to instincts, it is inevitable that the crocodile will focus its attention (and attacks) on ideas of unifying antithetical components (children) and emotional personifications (e.g. bathing people), and only so that this subconscious emotional conscious is processed by a higher mind (here by spiritual aspects).
  • seeing many dead crocodiles: since they are no longer needed to yield dangerous content of the subconscious mind, the unconscious ends their dream life.