The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • an "enhancement" of the symbol of a square (see Square).
  • as the shape of a spaceship: inevitably also belongs to the UFO – Initiation Ceremonies archetype since this archetype represents the smooth process of the psychological transformation of the lower into the higher.
  • in a later phase of spiritual development the cube is accompanied by a sphere (just as the square is accompanied by a circle), precisely according to the alchemical quadrature of the circle*12 (see Alchemist archetype).
  • of water: this seemingly absurd notion is in dreams a common image of the idea of a being's center that arose from the pure emotional content of the mind – from water (see these ideas and developmental process in the Treasure archetype); the block of water stands until instinctual thinking reduces it to known images of the ordinary waking consciousness; since this idea is a vivid emotion, an emotional person can dwell within it without apparent difficulty.
  • the figure within a cube: the idea of one's self.