The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • everything that appears in an armchair is an allegory of illnesses or dependencies that are currently openly rising into the conscious life via dreams; the armchair is therefore able to "materialize" even bizarre sexual ideas; it is better if dependencies appear in the form of animals or individuals since it is easier to recognize their essence.
  • car changes into an armchair: instead of forward progress the dreamer is faced with one of his dependencies or illnesses.
  • rickety: a dangerous emerging dependency or illness can disrupt the dreamer's mental balance.
  • buying: an unconscious desire to reveal, recognize and destroy one's dependencies still hidden beneath the threshold of awareness.
  • rocking chair: see Rocking chair, horse, swing.
  • a person dragging armchairs around a room, making noise with them: alerting the dreamer to his dependencies.
  • throwing out, breaking: the dreamer has rid himself of one of his dependencies.
  • an armchair changing into a sink, bath or toilet: significant effort has transformed a cleaned dependency into feelings and it can flow like water guided by the will.
  • dentist chair: relates to sexual dependencies; the male dentist as the emotional animus and the female dentist as the emotional anima can understand, heal and uproot the dependency.
  • able to fly in a chair and willfully control it: an exceptional dream since the dreamer, through in complete control of a dependency, raises at least temporarily his experiences to the spiritual level, which entails an ability of the active imagination*41 – wilfully flying (see Active Imagination archetype).