The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • of buildings: see Edifice.
  • piano – wing-shaped lid: see Music.
  • bird wings: enables the bird to carry the meaning of the symbol to the dreamer's mind (in the sky); see Bird or individual species.
  • clipping bird wings: the dreamer significantly limits the effect of these symbols in his own consciousness.
  • limp, weak, unable to fly for birds and other creatures: represents the conscious control of the symbol; the dreamer's will and conscious intentions brought to these symbols the power to enter the mind (the sky) and influence the dreamer's thinking.
  • of a butterfly: an illusory world in constant flux.
  • of an airplane forming a cross with the hull: if the dreamer realizes the cross shape during the dream, then see Cross.
  • winged devils, winged creatures of evil: once the dreamer manages to fly with his wings, it is inevitable that the dark side of his personality will attempt to follow him, which is why even negative personifications*65 can have wings; it is very negative to kill evil and negative personifications (not only in this form), since they are immortal like a person's soul and would soon rise to a new life; the only way to control personifications is to assimilate them (see Shadow archetype).
  • artistic depiction of wings, seeing the shape of wings in other objects: the longing for freedom and the liberation of the mind.
  • having: while one part is trapped in the net of the material world the other has with the wings the chance to wrest itself from the grip of sensuality and to fly toward the stars (toward spiritual principles).
  • the dreamer's wings are clipped: the realistic part of the soul that is trapped on land gains supremacy over the idealistic part that wants to fly to the stars.
  • snow-white: a pure mind and the chance to fly to "angelic" heights but only if the flyer is able to use these wings to overcome the attraction of the world.
  • wilfully flying without wings: a remarkable act, though only a temporary liberation of the mind and ascension to the spiritual level which, on the one hand, brings a wonderful experience of existence, but also alienates you from many people who had previously been close (for more on the flying dream and other miracles see the Active Imagination archetype).