The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • crossbreeding animals: this image is the result of a change in the meaning of a symbol in the dreamer's mind; if it leads to better control of the symbol, then crossbreeding is very useful for the dreamer; if, however, crossbreeding increases an animal's danger, then the dreamer runs the risk of succumbing to his own misguided ideas.
  • someone crosses the dreamer's path: a fateful encounter is approaching.
  • crossing lines: conflict or dispute.
  • crossed halberds, sticks, logs etc.: the X symbol can be the "great unknown" for some, but as the Roman numeral it is linked to Christ and to the cross (see Cross).
  • symbolizes a lesser transformation of one state of consciousness or mindset to another and a shift of the dreamer to new horizons; this does not necessarily always mean a better quality experience since it can represent in the negative sense a crossing to worse states.
  • of mountains: symbolizes a greater time segment (often even an entire life) of the self-improvement process; when a person climbs to the highest places in which all instinctual powers (animals, plants) and emotions (relationships) lose their power over the dreamer and let only snow and ice (spiritual principles) reign.
  • over water: a very positive dream since the dreamer successfully overcomes obstacles to behold something new before him or to find a new, better state and leave the old one behind; it is futile and misguided for the dreamer to return for something since it complicates his life journey; in crossing the water the dreamer is often accompanied by a friend or wise person or is prodded by his aroused intuition*64 or inner voice (see Wise Old Man archetype); if one of those accompanying him is of the opposite sex then it is the anima for men and animus for women – it can be easily discerned in dreams whether it belongs to the instinctual or emotional part of the dreamer (see Anima – Animus archetype); also see Ford or se Bridge according to the way of crossing (or see Boat or Ship).
  • a border: a border (customs) in a dream represents the transition from one state to another and the customs officer verifies the dreamer's ability to cross this border of perception.
  • rubber boots allow for the safe crossing of the realm of instincts (mud, manure etc.) and a visit of the emotional plane.
  • from the instinctual to the emotional level: this process is usually accompanied by the symbol of a horse and emotional personifications greatly help (e.g. siblings, physicians and teachers).
  • from one world to another (from the destroyed to the new): belongs to the Apocalypse archetype.
  • seasons: see individual seasons.
  • crossing from the emotional to the spiritual level seems rare since it is accompanied by images related to the achieved spiritual state (e.g. experiences of the Active Imagination*41, wonderful atmospheric phenomena, blissful states, beautiful light effects, encounters with the spiritual anima and spiritual animus etc.).