The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • represents a great burden (wishes, desires, unwanted things and dependencies) in the dreamer's mind; the burdens that we impose on ourselves through our thoughts, words or acts cannot be eliminated by anyone other than ourselves.
  • if we want to reveal the dependency that we carry in the form of a suitcase, we should turn around and look back at the past from which our various dependencies draw their strength.
  • putting something in a suitcase: more detritus that weighs down the path to happiness; it is important to recognize what we are putting into the suitcase; if other instinctual or sexual symbols or even images of sex are present, then this image is clearly a symbol of a sexual act.
  • taking something out of the suitcase: alleviation.
  • looking for and not finding something in the suitcase: advice from the unconscious: a burden has never brought anyone happiness, even if it were made of pure gold.
  • finding: more burdens will be added to the cross you bear.
  • getting rid of the suitcase: gradually and through his own efforts the dreamer's mind is recovering from being cluttered.
  • carrying: You will burden you own life with more futility, which still won't bring you happiness; often relates to a place (e.g. at work, at home) or to people we see in the dream image.
  • large or heavy: it's time to resolutely put your life in order and get rid of all unnecessary dead weight.
  • carrying someone else's things in the suitcase: the dreamer's burden is increased by others' problems.
  • losing: external causes force the dreamer to postpone one of his silly wishes.