The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Aggression, aggressiveness, aggressor

  • previously suppressed aggressive tendencies are floating to the surface so that they can be transformed and understood.
  • helps in abandoning ingrained behavior patterns in a past setting (either family or social).
  • aggression is in many ways linked to sexuality, homosexuality*48, sadism and masochism; aggression often turns into sexual assault which is explained in detail in the Anima – Animus archetype.
  • aggression conceals fear of oneself, fear of uncovering real personality traits; a person with feelings of inferiority has aggressive traits.
  • aggressive objects or figures (e.g. divers, monsters, gates, walls, ropes, drills, saws, presses, instruments of torture, cars) can be linked to the Basic Perinatal Matrix and its second and third phase; objects associate childbirth and body parts of the mother giving birth, or hands with the obstetricians instruments.
  • aggressiveness is an integral part of the Hero, Shadow and Apocalypse archetypes.
  • a person's spiritual development goes from a primal reciprocation of aggression (eye for eye, tooth for tooth) to fleeing from aggression, to indifferently viewing aggression, so that aggression, even if is inflicted on one's body, can be absorbed with compassion and forgiveness (like Christ on the cross).