The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • symbolizes a future path, sometimes foretells of the realization of plans, sometimes represents a longing for knowledge.
  • always appears in dreams when a person is at a crucial crossroads in life so that the unconscious uses the symbol of the map to help the dreamer make the correct decision; the help of a dream map spans all levels of our dreams (instinctual, emotional and spiritual).
  • understanding a map, recognizing details: you are setting out in the right direction.
  • numbers (elevation points, altitudes or sea depths) on a map: see Number.
  • folding a map: properly folding a map guarantees smooth progress; improper folding is a sign of problems to come.
  • of a building or complex: interpreting the map symbol needs to be supplemented by an interpretation of the symbol of the building or complex of buildings:
  • looking for a map: looking for a future path.
  • a map of the world as a playground: synonymous with world events and relationships to the world.
  • of an unknown country or even of alien worlds: the dreamer is entering into unexplored corners of the unconscious and interesting adventures or unforgettable experiences may soon await him.
  • facts on a map can sometimes remove from the dreamer's eyes his "rose-colored glasses" and repair a defective view.
  • unknown names on a map of one's country: symbolize a temporary inability to understand one's actions and behavior (these dreams appear during hectic times in life).
  • drawing on a map: the dreamer's active intervention in his own life (this dream usually appears if the dreamer consciously changes the scale of life values that he believes in).
  • can relate to the future and to dramatic changes on our planet; with old-fashioned maps this relates to the past (see Past and Future Visions archetype).
  • sometimes it returns to unresolved past relationships or to future worries so that the dreamer is led down the right path.
  • with expanded borders of one's country: the dreamer's expanded consciousness.
  • special: interpreting the map symbol needs to be supplemented by an interpretation of the subject or materials the map shows:
  • military, a map with the location of troops or a description of military activities: a very positive dream since the dreamer is able to see the results of his own inner disciplines.
  • celestial: elevates the symbol of a map and globe and represents the completed path from incompleteness to unity and wholeness.