The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the relationship to dream mathematics is the dreamer's relationship to logic and in a higher sense to music.
  • is most strongly rejected by instinctual personifications.
  • emotional personifications (usually a brother, sister) or symbols of unification (usually children) and mathematics: if they have problems with dream mathematics, then the dreamer is experiencing a downward trend in emotions (heading toward the instinctual level); conversely, their interest in mathematics expresses the rise of emotional experience toward the spiritual level.
  • higher mathematics: symbolizes the logical understanding of the supersensory world; an ability to possess and internally understand altered states of consciousness (e.g. samadhi) and therefore is an intuitive gateway from the emotional to the spiritual level.
  • dream mathematics often seek an answer to the expression of infinity to lead the dreamer to an understanding of continuous creation and the role of a person in this cosmic creation (the continuous cycle of rebirth).
  • in certain phases of spiritual development dream mathematics can be an instrument by which we surpass the reality of the physical world as well as the fantasy of the dream world so that the essence of everything that exists appears beyond the border of ideas.
  • logic (not only in mathematics): anyone starting to deal with dreams will soon realize that logic often strays in the unconscious and is not able to find an adequate response to inquisitive questions; it is therefore good if a person gives up the need for logical conclusions in dreams and instead uses intuition (see Intuition); see the Wise Old Man archetype for the mutual relationship between logic and intuition.
  • also see Geometry.