The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • as a greeting: symbolizes the ability to resolve problems and emotional relations particularly within the family; any response or reaction to waving captures the nature of the mutual interactions.
  • waving to a child, a child waving to the dreamer: a very positive dream that depicts the dreamer's relationship to the unification of components of his own being and, conversely, the relationship of the unification process to the dreamer; see Child.
  • a hand (in resignation): it is good to resign from pursuing any gain, any potential partner relationships, to renounce the world's material temptations, but waving a hand to moral and emotional decline is negative.
  • waving hands (wild gesticulations): the dreamer is not giving someone near to him enough space to express his view.
  • spontaneous waving and a response: depicts a warm mutual relationship.
  • to someone without a response; seeing futile waving that nobody notices: the dreamer's relationships will not develop as he wishes; possible emotional disappointment.