The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • expresses the desire to reveal the meaning of the measured symbol and the strength of its effect on the dreamer, or the desire to contain and intellectually comprehend everything between the measured points.
  • different kinds of measured values belong to various parts of the mind or various levels of experience; it should be realized that everything measurable belongs to the "explicate order" and everything unmeasurable and undetectable senses belong to "the implicate order"*37.
  • human body parts: always entail the instinctual essence; the measurement of limbs and protruding parts has a phallic nature; orifices and depressions relate to the female genitalia; such measuring always conceals sexuality and the longing for sexual intercourse.
  • electrical parameters: related to emotions and mutual emotional ties.
  • magnetic parameters: related to a mutual convergence.
  • depths: see Depth gauge.
  • heights, sizes, weights and pressures: the dreamer is revealing the strength of a symbol within.
  • temperatures: see Thermometer.
  • time: see Time or see Clock, watch.
  • various traits of liquids: always relates to emotions.
  • radioactivity: the dreamer is subconsciously trying to determine the disintegration of the conventional view of the human world and to understand in the transformation the alchemical transmutation (transformation of mix of instinctual and emotional world into the spiritual world); see Radioactivity.