The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • if the dreamer feels admiration for the façade of a personality, he will then become a toy on the world stage in the endless pantheon of masks; yet if he feels admiration for true individuality or even for an outstanding inner model, then he is headed toward final realization (see the Persona archetype and Individuality archetype).
  • the dreamer's attempt to be admired by others: a target of satire and ridicule from the unconscious since similar efforts only intensify the ego to the detriment of the dreamer's true individuality.
  • for the beauties of nature: one of the frequent images of prenatal recollections of being in the mother's womb (see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype).
  • for sports achievements: does not have in the unconscious a more substantial meaning and is only a means for achieving the goals of one's personality and strengthening the ego (see Treasure archetype); shifts the dreamer to the instinctual level, since the rhythm of sports has a clear relationship to sexuality.
  • for art: a path toward an expression of the inner content of one's psyche; a path toward a fuller emotional and later even spiritual life.
  • rejecting the admiration of others or being impassive to it: one possible way of freeing oneself from the yoke of the ego.