The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Store, department store.

  • stores where people shop satisfy the dreamer's desire for missing symbols and, owing to its almost unlimited possibilities, pull the person into the material world.
  • an excess of meat in stores: indicates a rise in sexual energy without conscious control.
  • a lack of meat in stores: indicates insufficient sexual energy.
  • a store in a hospital: any business transaction in a hospital is a degradation of the emotional part of the psyche.
  • barter trade: the dreamer is satisfying a desire for missing symbols and getting rid of excessive symbols which he does not desire (if he keeps some of them) or wants to get rid of them for good (if he trades all of them); this image, like every other trade, pulls the person into the material world.
  • pulling down the shutter of a store: if the dreamer is inside, then his own moral level prevents him from seeing images of an emotional and spiritual level; if he is outside then the unconscious separates him from harmful instinctual symbols and from images inside the store.
  • planning deals: dissatisfaction with self, psychological imbalance and emotional deficit.
  • see Buying.