The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Exposure, revealing

  • often accompanies dreams of some archetypes (particularly the Hero, Basic Perinatal Matrix, UFO – Initiation Ceremonies, Anima – Animus, Attentiveness and Shadow archetype).
  • the body: see Nakedness, naked.
  • treasonous activities, resistance: see Resistance.
  • traps, ruses, ambushes: see Ambush.
  • an adversary: in similar images the dreamer assumes the role of the hero and clashes with personifications of the Shadow archetype.
  • the dreamer in enclosed spaces, sewers, mine shafts and tunnels, in elevators, in water: a very frequent image of the Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype; such a dream tries to lead the dreamer through the difficult process of subconscious recollections of prenatal and birth experiences that form everyone's consciousness; only upon controlling the emotional pressures of these experiences can a person smoothly continue the process of self-knowledge.
  • by an enemy in a battle or revealing enemies: see Hostility.
  • by an adversary: needed for further development since hiding delayed the resolution of the conflict; revealing often brings the dreamer into conflict with a higher level of consciousness (e.g. in conflicts with hostile aliens).
  • the dreamer in betrayal, fraud, conspiracy: these dreams teach the dreamer to promptly, voluntarily and humbly admit guilt, accept punishment and thereby rid himself of the emotional pressures of negative acts that the dreamer has committed in a different form; such dreams are common with people who only reluctantly and through coercion admit their guilt and who avoid the warranted punishment; this can also concern past lives – see Past and Future Visions archetype.
  • the dreamer reveals betrayal, conspiracy or fraud: the dreamer is prepared to clash with the revealed reality whether it is the feared personification of the Shadow archetype (from petty criminals to the devil himself) or dangerous alien creations and to successfully resolve the conflict, which is a reflection of his own psyche, without malice, and with understanding and compassion.