The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Pen (fencing)

  • as an obstacle on the journey: difficulties will soon appear in life; if the dreamer successfully overcomes the fencing then the dream indicates very rapid progress and the promise of a good result.
  • wooden with animals inside: no wooden pen has the power to protect the dreamer from the instinctual component since it is of a natural character and thus part of the natural elements, which instincts are also by nature part of; such a pen as a principle of certain inner self-control therefore only offers a little protection from instincts (the animal within the pen).
  • wire: there is a need to distinguish whether this is an obstacle by which the dreamer consciously is separating himself from something unpleasant, or whether it is an obstacle preventing the dreamer from making forward progress; nevertheless, every wire obstacle always has an emotional essence.
  • of stone: either a protective element separating the dreamer from something dangerous or an obstacle that stands in the dreamer's way or prevents him from moving.
  • electric fencing: symbolizes emotional obstacles that prevent emotional or spiritual development and degrade experiences to the instinctual level following an unpleasant emotional discharge.
  • people enclosed in fencing (e.g. concentration camps): a very frequent image of the second phase of the Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype that has a certain order of development: first the dreamer experiences the role of suffering, then he becomes a less suffering participant of the entire image, and ultimately recognizes from the position of an unbiased witness the essence of the inner problems and the roots of existential philosophy*93.
  • pens are not an obstacle for emotional or even spiritual personifications.
  • all fencing is a mere figment of the mind; only by emptying the mind can an obstacle (including pens) be seamlessly removed; see Attentiveness archetype.