The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a person's attempt at self-improvement can be easily observed in the aquarium symbol; should good progress occur in this area, the empty or half-empty aquarium will begin to fill with little fish and become clean so that the dreaming person saves the fish and helps them; the large number of fish is then accompanied by images of the hatching of a new generation and amphibians (crocodiles, frogs, etc.) attesting to the future possibility of the dreamer's transformation.
  • without fish and aquatic animals: an empty and hopeless life.
  • full of fish and aquatic animals: hope and the possibility of progress.
  • swimming in it: harsh restrictions will soon arise.
  • salt-water aquarium: if it is large, it means an important breakthrough to unknown areas of the unconscious; if it small, it carries the meaning of an ordinary aquarium.
  • cleaning: very important work in one's self-improvement, work on removing the ego's domination.