The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • in the middle of water and everything on it: usually symbolizes the dreamer's instinctual content that is isolated predominantly by the emotional content of the mind; it expresses along with the setting and inhabitants of the island a central motif that the dreamer will soon have to face.
  • being lost at sea, on its islands and not able to find your way home: the dreamer is stuck in his own feelings and will encounter on the islands the original content of his psyche (similarity to the mythological stories of the Greek hero Odysseus is no coincidence); more on the similarity of mythology and spiritual experience in the Hero archetype.
  • full of animals: the dreamer can expect increased pressure of instincts on emotional and spiritual experiences.
  • emerging from the sea: the unconscious is urging you to process more instinctual content.
  • once the dreamer on an island manages a rather fast assimilation of instinctual contents of the mind, he will reach wonderful ecstatic experiences emanating from the depths of the psyche; if the assimilation takes place at a slower rate; the dreamer must struggle, through images of island battles, catastrophes, desolate and re-inhabited islands, to the ecstatic experiences.
  • tropical: foretells of a paradise island.
  • paradise: if other spiritual symbols are present on the island then the dreamer is at a spiritual place surrounded by feelings, at a spiritual place that, thanks to the dreamer's efforts, has emerged from the waters of the unconscious; without other spiritual symbols this is the dreamer's subconscious desire to inhabit a spiritual world of peace and tranquility.
  • floating: its essence is spiritual since it is able to move over emotions.