The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • contents of opening symbols enable hitherto closed objects or states to enter into the dreamer's consciousness; a "window" then opens in the person's soul and the person then has a great chance to see things and experiences hidden from everyday life.
  • a letter: see Letter.
  • a book: open possibilities for the future (the contents of such a book tells us more).
  • a bottle see Bottle.
  • a sewer lid (opening during a special occasion or once in a long period): corresponds quite clearly to the role of the cervix during birth; see Basic Perinatal Matrix archive.
  • eye: the dreamer is opening himself to the outside world, to other views and needs to absorb the gust of fresh air (spiritual view of the world); in some dreams earthly elements (e.g. a thief) can enter through an open window to the dreamer's inner life and disrupt the peace and calm in the soul, but only so that the dreamer deals with this unwelcome visit in a peaceful and compassionate way.
  • a gate, gateway or door: this usually consists of an experience of one part of the birth (see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype) and less often, especially if it is a double-door symbol, expresses duality, whose understanding can lead the dreamer to the experience*73 of unity; the image also confirms that the dreamer has understood a part of his own unknown mind.
  • a door or rock by speaking a name: the unconscious enables the dreamer to enter other inaccessible buildings or areas; it is very positive if this is the dreamer's name since the capability of visiting the hidden nooks of one's psyche is thereby confirmed (the similarity with the magical phrase: "Open Sesame," is no coincidence)
  • camouflaged: this image returns to the experience of the dreamer's birth (see Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype); if the dreamer is able to internally process this experience it will become a gateway to other secrets concealed deep in the unconscious.
  • walling up an opening: usually consists of relinquishing one of many sexual relations and only rarely with the relinquishing of all sexual relations.
  • see Hole.