The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • seeing: means the chance for profit, but also expresses dull subservience characterized by unquestioning obedience and devotion (the sheep listens to the shepherds or is subordinate to the ram) and therefore emotional personifications do not like them.
  • a pasture of sheep: increasing property.
  • shearing their wool: profit, greater earnings.
  • a half-shorn sheep (unfinished work): predicts failure in a matter or financial loss.
  • mutton: see Meat.
  • a herd of sheep: if it is led, then this concerns the relationship between the controlling conscious mind (shepherd as the conscious mind or ram as the subconscious mind) and subordinate aspects of being (sheep as subconscious desires and dependencies); in a certain aspect the herd can express the family principle that has the power to disrupt the dreamer's egotistical view.
  • in the same image as a goat just like a sheep with a wolf: good versus evil.
  • a wolf copulating with a lamb: the demonstration of the wolf's violent side warns of similar traits (the desire to rape or the desire to be raped) in the dreamer's subconscious.
  • hearing a sheep bell: happiness and a foretelling of a pleasant period.
  • mountain sheep or grazing in mountains: profit in the emotional realm at the expense of instinctual experience.
  • the transformation of goats into sheep or including goats in herd of sheep: the symbol of family life and self-sacrifice for one's descendents, for one's family (goat) is replaced by collective thinking in favor of higher units (region, city, nation).
  • like a lamb can be a symbol of a sacrifice (see Sacrificing, sacrifice).