The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a very unique dream symbol for people not living in celibacy.
  • it is important that the celibacy, even though it is in a dream, is a joy (redemptive asceticism); as soon as celibacy turns into sorrow and suffering, defective images and deviations begin to emerge from within the dreamer, which is a path to instinctual experience, a path far from emotional exaltation and spiritual experiences.
  • properly conducted celibacy purifies a person's consciousness and enables self-knowledge on an emotional level; later, after overcoming many temptations (emotional stimuli that lead to sexual acts), celibacy should lead to enduring liberation from instinctual and emotional stimuli.
  • for more on this see the chapter Celibacy and Redemptive Asceticism in the book Secrets of the Unconscious Order.