The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • physical: although it takes place in a dream, it relates to the dreamer's body and his inner desire for more beautiful forms; training therefore sometimes turns into sexuality or vice versa.
  • bodybuilding: see Bodybuilding.
  • and training animals: represents the possibility or ability to control that part of one's instinctual self that relates to the animal being trained (see individual type of animal or see Animal).
  • trained animal: the dreamer has controlled the instinctual symbol that relates to the animal in question and imposed obedience and order on it, which enables him to have undisturbed development on the emotional level.
  • martial arts: see Fight, Battlefield, Fighting unless it concerns mental training.
  • practicing headstands or other similar exercises: consciousness is slowly allowing the light to enter the lower chakras*28
  • mental and spiritual: appears in dreams if the dreamer is practicing in waking consciousness mediation and spiritual exercises, then the acquired habits gradually (after 3 or 4 years) pass into dreams; then in dreams the dreamer can conduct mental and spiritual exercises with multiple effects compared to exercises in waking consciousness (according to Tibetan sources, spiritual exercising in dreams is nine times more effective than the same practice during waking consciousness); spiritual exercises in dreams allow for the dreamer to more clearly recognize how the slightest sexual arousal nullifies the higher states of consciousness.
  • military: see Military training.
  • has the same meaning as (see) School.
  • athletic: see Sports.