The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • the first developmental stage on the path to perfection in which the flower sprouts from the seed (emotions – love) and the culmination is the scent (compassion – spirituality), precisely as the saying goes: "Sex is the seed, love is the flower, compassion is the fragrance." Osho*76
  • symbolizes the beginning of the next life phase in which we choose one of three possible scenarios for the development of our being.
    1. we fall like a seed on the fertile soil and will grow toward the realization of an emotional person (true humanity).
    2. or on the barren land without enough emotion (water) and thwart the potential that the seed bears in its essence.
    3. we will possess within the potential of life, symbolized by the seed, and in the knowledge of cosmic emptiness that is, despite the material void, "pregnant" with all possibilities of life (like a well-planted seed can at anytime germinate), we become aware of our destination; this scenario is common in the final phases of spiritual development.
  • pressing: if the resulting product is oil, then this images has a deep mystical meaning in dream symbolism since it is a foreshadowing of spiritual anointing that appears in Christianity as well as in Judaism; in other cases it may consist of the subconscious elimination of sexual symbols.
  • ejaculation of semen: if it is without sexual arousal, it is a real physiological needs when everything unneeded leaves the body; if it is the ejaculation of semen with arousal, then this sexual image belongs to the instinctual level of experience.