The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • can only be in the hands of an instinctual person.
  • firearm barrel: clearly a phallic symbol both in shape and in function, whereas the shot from the barrel represents ejaculation.
  • shooting from it: can consist of an alleviating dream in which the dreamer releases excessive tension from within through catharsis*69; it can be assumed in this case that sex will be the means of catharsis (the phallic shape of the barrel and shot bullets as ejaculation).
  • shooting the weapon's entire ammunition load: ejaculation.
  • shooting illuminated ammunition from it: this image symbolizes a longing to know the consequences of sexual desire; the use of such ammunition can lead the dreamer to inner peace and tranquility.
  • ammunition: clearly a phallic form and phallic importance; a lack of ammunition expresses a feeling of sexual inadequacy.
  • bullet: its shape resembles a phallus, the act of loading resembles intercourse, shooting resembles ejaculation and the bullet's penetration into soft material resembles intercourse with the possible destruction of feelings; if the dreamer runs out of bullets, then he has an aversion toward his own sexual activities; see Projectile, cartridge.
  • reloading a weapon, inserting a fresh magazine: both images are synonymous with intercourse; in the first case the bullet is a phallic symbol and the magazine represents the female genitalia; in the second case the magazine is the phallus and the mechanism into which the magazine is loaded is the female genitalia.
  • a wound caused by a shot (sexual desire): this is in fact a far more serious emotional injury.
  • it can also degrade in the unconscious when the bullets flying at increasingly slower speeds until they ultimately barely fall from the barrel so that instead of phallic bullets, water, whose intensity gradually decreases, flows from the barrel; in this way the unconscious is showing the dreamer the force of his subconscious sexual desires; such an image is a painful blow for instinctual personifications, hope for emotional personifications and a blessing for spiritual personifications and for people living in celibacy since they have fully managed to control subconscious urges for sexual acts.
  • salvo: a considerably intensified sexual experience (the simultaneous shooting of many weapons) that brings ecstasy to instinctual people, gratification and to earthly people, and shock to emotional people, while spiritual people stand indifferently in tranquility above all possibilities.