The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • has practically the same meaning as wood, but the time needed for its creation refers to relationships linked to the dreamer's past lives and also to longevous karmic relationships that stem from the Law of Karma*34.
  • charcoal: partially processed symbolic essence of wood by the dreamer's inner fire (inward concentration).
  • coal dust: synonymous with unpleasant age-old karmic bonds based on the Law of Karma.
  • storing: the dreamer's increasing potency that will soon seek to be discharged.
  • heating with coal, hot coals: this image symbolizes the dreamer's active attempt to eliminate that animalistic part of himself that is related to age-old karmic relations.
  • walking on hot coals: if the dreamer does not burn himself, then the image symbolizes great inner will; if the dreamer burns himself, then the image is the consequence of arrogance or fear and the inability to concentrate.
  • frequent heating with paper, wood or coal: testifies to the quality of the dreamer's work on himself.