The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • any apocalypse always has two dimensions: one is of an inner dimension concerning spiritual ascent and the other is an outer dimension, concerning the external world and thus all of humanity (see the archetype of Past and Future Visions).
  • a mass apocalyptic escape of livestock represents a major breakthrough; the dreamer will now have much easier work with weakened instincts in the form of individual animals or smaller herds.
  • apocalyptic fire, apocalyptic storm: ridding oneself of a past worldview (see Apocalypse archetype) or the image of future events in the world (see archetype of Past and Future Visions).
  • apocalyptic rain possibly with ensuing flood: the surge of the dreamer's emotional component is so strong that it moves him to the spiritual sphere; the emotional sphere will no longer be enticing for the dreamer to remain there; a rapid transformation in the spiritual person, who then with a transformed consciousness*16 returns to the material world (this rebirth guarantees that the dreamer will not be tempted by emotional experiences and will not be enticed by sensual experiences).
  • apocalyptic abyss (deep): there can sometimes appear in dreams such an abyss that the bottom cannot be seen, and that are so wide that it seems to have engulfed the entire world; the unconscious is thus indicating to the dreamer the grim fate of humanity that, in its boundless egotism, is destroying planet Earth.