The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • any autopilot (usually in an airplane) symbolizes living "on autopilot"*44, by which it alerts the dreamer to the existence of a conscious life that can be attained on a spiritual journey.
  • life on autopilot, in contrast to the state of the inner witness: the inner witness is usually initiated by meditative efforts in which the meditator changes conventional "subject (body, feelings, mind) – object (material world)" thinking into "Subject (Self) – object (body, feelings, mind)" thinking, in order to observe himself, meaning his body, feelings and thoughts; the inner witness is an important impulse toward realizing a conscious state and toward abandoning ordinary human life "on autopilot"; inner freedom is characterized by conscious living, inner bondage by life "on autopilot"; for more on this interesting phenomenon see Attentiveness archetype.