The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Authority (rulers, judges, doctors, teachers, commanders, etc.)

  • these are among the important envoys of the unconscious and are supposed to lead the dreamer among the winding streets of unconscious processes to an understanding of real essence and to reveal the truth that each carries in his heart; the first phase of the development of one's being is marked by earthly authorities related to ordinary life (father, mother, famous athletes, judges, politicians), who are gradually replaced by authorities of emotional personifications (siblings, teachers, doctors); once the dreamer is firmly set on an emotional level of experience, authorities of a spiritual nature can arrive (wise old man, angelic beings and God).
  • predominantly appear in dreams in connection to child – father, child – mother (see Father – Mother archetype) or Child – God (see Self archetype) relations.
  • authoritative voice: this can also belong to the Wise Old Man archetype, but is easily exploitable by personifications of the Shadow archetype*65, which is why an authoritative voice always has to be verified by logic.