The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a barometer of the dreamer's relations with others and, in a higher sense, an allegory of the state of being.
  • warming: pleasant relations with others and a peaceful period without strong emotions.
  • in which the fire has gone out: cooling of relations with others who had something to do with the stove.
  • cold: emotional coldness; a cold stove tends to be a "magnet" for instinctual symbols and personifications so that the elimination of emotional coldness occurs (a state of emotional coldness is desirable only if the dreamer remains on the spiritual level throughout the dream).
  • burning yourself on the stove: a painful experience from overly close emotional relations with other people (usually concerns partner or family relations).
  • they depict something internal since they are inside a house which represents the entirety of a person; we can deem which part is being subconsciously accentuated by the position of the stove (attic, living room, bathroom, cellar etc.).
  • smoking: poor processing of own emotions and therefore the need to eliminate negativity from one's mind in a better and more focused way; see Smoke.
  • burning wood in a stove: a very positive symbol since it confirms the dreamer's attempt to eliminate that part of himself that links him to the animality of nature in the longing to achieve a full experience of the emotional level; frequent heating with wood attests to the dreamer's quality self-improvement work.
  • burning paper in a stove: ridding oneself of unnecessary, predominantly instinctual thoughts.
  • burning objects in a stove: elimination of unnecessary mind content and it is therefore good to burn mainly instinctual symbols.
  • electrical, storage heater: unlike conventional stoves, they do not burn instinctual symbols (e.g. firewood), but draw their energy from emotions and therefore symbolize, like an electrical appliance, one of the participants of interpersonal relations (usually of the dreamer).
  • gas: the conscious focus of spiritual thoughts (gas as the content of the air element) fosters positive relations of the dreamer with others.
  • cleaning: an attempt to better burn instinctual symbols and dependencies; if, in cleaning, the dreamer becomes dirty from soot, then he clearly has not managed the most recent period of the self-improvement process and will bear the unfortunate consequences of a relationship that is emotionally distinct.
  • with the exceptional symbols of light and fire: in these beautiful dreams a stove may express the soul's internal state and the lighting of a fire in a spiritual heart (see Self archetype).