The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • extraterrestrial alien (on a spaceship or on another planet): symbolizes the guardian of the threshold (Mara*3), which is a personification of inappropriate moral traits – the shadow (see Shadow archetype); this image is the result of a rapid penetration to the spiritual realms (outer space) without the prerequisite spiritual cleansing; which is a cause of the dreamer's emerging dark side in the form of a dangerous extraterrestrial alien; according to spiritual teachings, protection against such images is the assimilation of evil by one's psyche at the very beginning of the spiritual journey; see Alien.
  • child of an extraterrestrial civilization: symbolizes the spiritual level; the first contact with such a child usually leads to a painful conflict and only later can a friendly relationship be established with the alien child (see UFO – Initiation Ceremonies archetype).
  • extraterrestrial woman: spiritual anima.
  • extraterrestrial man: spiritual animus.
  • alien spaceship: see Spaceship.
  • a person's fear of aliens: stemming from the ignorance of a human state (instinctual and emotional) that is unable to imagine the spiritual, which is why the fear provokes them to attack the higher – spiritual.
  • kidnapping by aliens, landing of aliens: the dreamer's (alien's) spiritual consciousness versus its instincts and feelings; this dream image is so crucial that everyone witnessing such images in dreams should immediately read the UFO – Initiation Ceremonies archetype.
  • alien's head: if the dreamer sees details or even its anatomical image, then it symbolizes assimilation through a higher principle; but if the dreamer attacks, then he is ignorantly preventing a positive process (see UFO – Initiation Ceremonies archetype).
  • the alien's spiritual consciousness is killed by sexual symbols (e.g. mushrooms): this picture shows that sexual ideas mercilessly destroy the mind's spiritual content.
  • a game of aliens: very helpful if the dreamer learns such a game and more helpful if he masters it, since it confirms the spiritual content of his consciousness.
  • understanding the language of aliens: the dreamer has understood symbolic aspects of the spiritual level (see UFO – Initiation Ceremonies archetype).
  • taking the dreamer's blood: a spiritual aspect reduces the ego's power.