The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • a person with coins or other circular and round objects represents the emotional level (emotional animus or emotional anima) and symbolizes the dreamer's longing for completeness.
  • counting: good earnings, but also a loss on the emotional and spiritual level.
  • counting when issuing coins: good earnings, but also a loss on the emotional and spiritual level.
  • heller: see Heller.
  • not round (polygonal, square, rectangular): expresses distorted ideas of the process of unifying antitheses, distorted notions of happiness and ways to achieve them; scenes with such coins usually end in joyless images and in emotional disputes.
  • foreign coins: a less understood aspect of the unification process; it is good for future positive development if in the same dream the dreamer gets rid of such coins and pays with them.
  • coins in a pocket: positive for the future since the round shape of coins symbolizes the dreamer's desire for completeness; at the start of the self-improvement process the dreamer puts coins into his pockets, but in the later phases of spiritual development he almost always takes coins out of his pocket and gives them away.
  • coins next to a human skeleton or a corpse: an important legacy of the past that relates to the dead; will have a beneficial impact on the dreamer's emotional and spiritual life.
  • issuing, paying, not accepting or refusing coins: the dreamer's active approach in self-improvement.
  • receiving: financial loss and also emotional problems; such dreams are almost always filled with the dreamer's egotism and rarely end in positive and pleasant images.
  • a dreaming man gives coins to a woman, or a dreaming woman gives coins to a man: if eroticism and sex appear in the same dream image, then it is a symbol of "love for sale" and sexual desire; if such images do not appear in the dream, then the coins belong to the deep emotional level and represent a symbol of the mandala, a symbol of unity and completeness; a man can strengthen his emotional anima and a woman her emotional animus, so that in the future there can occur the unification of these antithetical components of the human psyche.
  • with an unconventional value: in addition to the symbol of the coin, its value (see number) also enters into the interpretation.
  • the coin's diameter is very important for large coins since this number becomes a central motif for the dreamer's future life (see number).
  • finding and returning or giving: a subtle but very important dream that, especially for people consciously taking the path of self-improvement, express an inner longing for unity, peace and tranquility in the soul; this image often forms a divide between an attempt at a spiritual journey and the actual spiritual journey.
  • moneyer: symbolizes the dreamer's active attempt to strengthen his emotional part and a longing for completeness:
  • rainbow: foretelling of transformation of dreamer's being (usually within one year).
  • transformation of a coin into a cross: in understanding the symbol of the circle the dreamer abandons the world for a spiritual life.
  • transformation of a coin into a creature or object: symbolizes the dreamer's state of being, the spiritual peak of the coin symbol (see Self archetype).