The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge


  • disappearing objects and impurities: they are permanently, or at least for a long time, expelled from the dreamer's mind; similar dreams are often a depiction of moral purification.
  • disappearing oil: the dreamer is losing the prerequisites for spiritual anointing or for the transformation of the negative part of himself; he should therefore fundamentally rethink his life attitude and try to take a morally purer path.
  • pain disappearing at flowing water or in the water itself: points to the quite clear emotional nature of dream pain; the unconscious is thus pointing out to the dreamer the need for catharsis*69 and for discovering warped emotional bonds.
  • objects and creatures (shapes and names) disappearing in a whirl: in identifying with this point a person has found the essence of emptiness; this image is often supplemented by a disappearing whirl of water that shows the dreamer the path to understanding cosmic emptiness just as he is abandoning emotional experience – the disappearing water (see Attentiveness archetype).