The Dream Book of Self-Knowledge

Sexual intercourse

  • as with masturbation it releases from within excessive sexual energy, but as a result increases the dreamer's sexual dependency; this image is clearly of the instinctual.
  • often appears in allegorical images in dreams.
  • it is very positive to relinquish sexual intercourse or other sexual practices in the dream, since the dreamer, freed of instinctual forms, confirms his successful ascent to the emotional and later spiritual level.
  • sexual intercourse before an altar: a warning of the domination of instincts over emotions and reason; a ritual root of Satanism in which the opposite of the divine is worshipped; see Anima – Animus archetype and Treasure archetype.
  • along with other sexual practices is a frequent theme of the third phase of the Basic Perinatal Matrix archetype.
  • surprising or interrupting people having sexual intercourse: symbolizes the dreamer's attempt to rectify negative traits of the psyche or to deal with his own instinctual dependencies.
  • the dreamer's sexual union with a virgin: see Virgin.
  • incest*61: a very important dream on the path to self-improvement – see Incest.